Making Iced Tea

 Making refreshing iced tea really couldn't be simpler...
  • Use double the quantity of tea as you would for hot tea and place in a paper tea filter or infuser
  • Brew in exactly the same way as for hot tea (no longer otherwise the tea will taste bitter)
  • Remember that green and white teas need the water to be cooled for a few minutes after boiling
  • Once the tea is brewed remove the leaves and allow to stand for a few minutes
  • For a classic iced tea add a touch of sugar syrup or honey while still warm and stir to dissolve. Place in the fridge to chill
  • Serve with ice, lemon and a sprig of mint
  • Or why not try a delicious 'Fruitea', mix 3 parts iced tea to one part fruit juice, then just add ice
Favourite combinations are:
Lemon Shimmer blended with fresh apple juice 
Wild Berries with crushed fresh berries
White Peony with peach juice
Midsummer Mango with mango juice
Angel Peach with peach juice
Orange Grove with fresh orange juice
Or for something classic, just add a touch of sugar syrup to your regular black tea...

The possibilities are endless!