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Tea Facts

March 31, 2016

  1. Drinking at least 4 cups of tea a day is good for you according to the Tea Advisory Panel
  2. Just one cup of green tea provides the same antioxidant content as 8 apples or one head of broccoli.
  3. White tea, picked for just a few weeks in the year, is hard to come by but known for its anti-ageing properties. Why not try Tea Palace’s White Peony with Pink Rosebuds to reap the benefits of white tea perfumed with rose, a remedy for insomnia, depression and fatigue?
  4. Oolong tea has a positive effect on metabolizing fatty food and lowering plasma glucose levels said to alleviate type two diabetes. Try Tea Palace’s speciality roasted oolong, Iron Goddess of Mercy.
  5. The average cup of tea contains less than half the level of caffeine as a cup of coffee.
  6. Tea without milk has no calories – all the more reason to splash out on tea that you can fully enjoy for its own flavours and aroma.
  7. Tea Palace’s Sencha Aloe Vera combines the benefits of green tea and aloe vera, well known for its powerful immune-boosting properties and its ability to help fight infection.
  8. Tea Palace’s Organic Rooibos is a naturally caffeine free infusion. It contains high levels of antioxidants, Vitamins C and E and minerals such as iron, potassium and zinc, as well as anti-ageing properties.
  9. L-theanine is almost exclusively found in tea. It promotes the production of alpha waves in your brain to reduce mental and physicalstress, boost mood and improve cognitive performance in a synergistic manner with caffeine.
  10. Cooled teabags can be used to sooth sunburn, reduce puffiness in tired eyes, soothe bleeding gums where children have lost teeth and also sore skin after injections. Why not enjoy Tea Palace tea in our new range of sachets and then re-use them to soothe your eyes after a long day?