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Size: Sample Caddy Earl Grey Green - Size: Sample Caddy

Our Earl Grey Green tea is a blend of the finest China green tea and natural oil of bergamot, pressed from real bergamot citrus fruits. Earl Grey Green is a perfect lower-caffeine alternative to black Earl Grey Blends and contains all the...

Size: Sample Caddy Green Mao Feng - Size: Sample Caddy

Grown in the Yellow Mountain region of the Anhui province for more than 300 years this tea is picked in late March. A gentle, bright infusion with a nutty aroma and a smooth honeyed taste.

To Enjoy

Place one teaspoo...

Size: Sample Caddy Keemun Mao Feng - Size: Sample Caddy

Keemun Mao Feng is made of only whole leaf buds harvested in early spring and has a naturally curled leaf similar to Mao Feng green tea.

It has a smooth yet robust flavor and typical Keemun full-bodied taste.

To Enjoy


Size : Sample Caddy Mulberry Pu-Erh - Size : Sample Caddy

Tea Palace Mulberry Pu Erh takes its inspiration from structured wines where the principle of mouth feel is as important as taste. This new blend applies this principle to build on the distinctive earthy flavour of Pu Erh whilst adding a fruity...

Size: Sample Caddy Organic Gobo Cha - Size: Sample Caddy

Pure burdock root “tea” or Gobo Cha is commonly served in Japan for its many health benefits and is also widely used in Chinese medicine to relieve a number of ailments. 

We have selected the very finest cuts of burdock root and...

Size: Sample Caddy Precious Peach - Size: Sample Caddy

Precious Peach is a naturally sweet infusion with a fragrant peach taste. It is made with peaches, mangoes, apples and flower blossoms for a summery taste.

To Enjoy

Place one dessertspoon per cup into an infuser, fi...

Size: Sample Caddy Spiced Pear - Size: Sample Caddy

It’s a naturally sweet infusion with a great pear and cinnamon taste. We’ve added more pear pieces to our previous recipe and it still h...