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How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

The Three Ts

We recommend remembering the following three Ts when making the perfect cup:
  • Teaspoons – number of teaspoons/ quantity of tea per cup
  • Temperature –  the water temperature needs to be appropriate to the tea
  • Time – the length of time the leaves are infused before they’re removed will also depend on the tea

Common Mistakes

Never brew green or white tea with boiling water – it will scald the leaves and make the cup taste bitter.
Between 80-85ºC is usually the temperature recommended when brewing most green teas, although some benefit from cooler water – from 70ºC.
Contrary to what might seem logical; leaving the tea leaves in the cup/pot for longer won’t give you a stronger cup - just a bitter one.
(NB: herbal and fruit infusions - as natural botanicals - are the exception to this rule.)