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Monthly Subscription Box: Teas of the World



Every month we scour the globe for the most noteworthy teas and infusions in the world; some are famous for spectacular leaf or growing conditions, some have amazing histories or mystical relevance, some are specific to their region and some are unique blends or brews with distinctive characteristics - but all will open eyes to the greater world of teas and infusions!

 We will take you on an adventure each and every month: from the fresh, high peaks of mountain teas from Rwanda to the deep, dark rainforests of Brazil to the wide, vegetal expanses of Vietnam.

Experience new flavours and find new favourites without leaving the comfort of your own home!





Choose the subscription to suit you:


Gift Subscriptions available - perfect for the tea lover!

Pay either annually upfront or in a simple monthly payment taken each month

Bi-monthly subscriptions now available

*10% off our online store for the entire subscription period*, whether paid upfront or by monthly subscription.


Sign up now for 3 brand-new,

exclusive teas delivered direct to your door each month!!

For the most convenient way to enjoy your subscription teas, choose our "subscription with infuser" for 50% off Infuser Tongs - delivered along with your first box!



 We seek the world-over for outstanding teas. We start with a wide range of possibilities each month and then narrow our selection down to the three best to be included our monthly subscription box.

 None of our Teas of the World have ever been offered to Tea Palace customers before. Be the very first to try the very latest in teas from around the world.

We delight in sharing the unique stories and characteristics of our monthly teas with you. Whilst all of the teas included are delicious, we think that a tea should be exceptional to be included in our subscription box

10-15 servings per tin, 30-45 servings per box

If you love tea we are sure you’ll love this box

so why not give it a try? If after the first month (or any month) you don’t love it, simply cancel and there is no further obligation.



Environmental Commitment


99% of the materials in our monthly boxes are recyclable: the tea, the box, the paper. Even the tins!

We strongly believe that not only should our teas be exceptional, the way that they are packaged should demonstrate our commitment to achieving the highest quality using innovative, plastic-free, recyclable materials

Whilst almost all of our current monthly box is recyclable, there is further to go. We are developing our packaging with an aim to be completely plastic-free and recyclable by 2020.






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