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Loose Leaf Starter Gift Set: Herbal Infusions

A deluxe set of tea and accessories designed to have all of the tools needed to get started with loose leaf infusions! This is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves caffeine-free herbal infusions - especially if they need all the kit to begin their loose-leaf journey! 

This set focuses on our iconic herbal infusions for signature favourites to try and enjoy and includes:

- 1 x 1.2l glass teapot

- 2 x 0.25l glass tea mugs

- 1 x Perfect cup of Tea measure

- 1 x 100g Caddy Organic Lemon & Ginger

- 1 x Herbal Triple Tube Collection (includes Pure Chamomile, Pure Peppermint, Lemon & Ginger)

- 1 x Carton Wild Berries crystal sachet pyramid teabags (a delicious, caffeine-free fruit infusion to enjoy on the go!)