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Tea and Chocolate Pairing Hamper

The Tea and Chocolate Pairing Hamper consists of any 3 of our 6 recommended tea pairings listed below.

Presented in a delightful wicker hamper, each selected pairing comprises of a sample caddy of tea together with a stunning book of 6 chocolates.

Afternoon at the Palace is our signature blend of single estate Darjeeling and Chinese black teas for a refined and aromatic taste. A perfect accompaniment to sweet afternoon treats, but refreshing at any time of the day.

The afternoon blend of Darjeeling and Chinese black teas is noted for its strong and versatile flavour and famous for the long tradition of inclusion in British high tea. The reasons for this are well known to tea connoisseurs as its strong and robust profile are a wonderful accompaniment to cakes and chocolates.

The Darjeeling provides an aromatic note to the blend whilst the inclusion of strong Chinese teas provides a balance to strong flavours such as coffee.

Whilst purity can be important to offer true balance, adding a drop of milk can also be beneficial for enhancing the creaminess and natural sweetness of the chocolates.

Keemun Mao Feng hails from the Huangshan mountain range in Eastern China, famous for its excellent quality tea leaves, particularly the downy leaves of the Mao Feng variety.

This robust but light and slightly smoky black tea is notable for its dark curled leaves and subtle cocoa undertones.

This distinct flavour profile makes it an excellent partner to most types of chocolate, but when paired with caramel and vanilla provides a fragrant balance to the natural sweetness of these flavours as well as introducing a velvety smoothness to the tea.

We recommend that this tea is served without milk, lemon or sweetener in order to fully enjoy the pairing.

Immune Boost is a zesty and refreshing infusion carefully crafted to boost your immune system. It is an organic blend of orange peel, ginger, echinacea and ginseng. Blended according to traditional Ayurvedic teachings from Kerala, India; Immune Boost has a distinctive and punchy flavour with distinct citrus notes.

The kick of ginger and orange are an excellent combination with Marc de Champagne as it combines wonderfully with the cognac notes in the chocolate, whilst the zing of ginseng brings life and tang reminiscent of the peels and pits used in the fermentation of the Marc de Champagne liquor. Immune Boost is also a healthy and caffeine-free alternative to tea whist providing strength and definition to this pairing.

This infusion can be enjoyed with lemon and sweetener to taste. Please note that due to the inclusion of ginseng, Immune Boost is not suitable during pregnancy.

Authentic White tea is only grown in the Fujian province of China, where the delicate buds and leaves can only be picked for a few weeks each year. White Peony is a rare authentic white tea with many buds. It has a mild, refreshing, delicately sweet taste.

White Peony is a soft and herbaceous tea with long, flat and loose leaves known for its almost clear liquor and exclusivity. The grassy notes are an excellent match to Marc de Champagne and enhance the natural freshness that occurs as a result of fast addition of Marc de Champagne liquor to chocolate blends without aging. This pairing produces a refined and luxurious combination perfect to be enjoyed outdoors on a clean, crisp day.

This tea is best enjoyed without milk, lemon or sweetener.

Earl Grey Green tea is a carefully crafted alternative to traditional Earl Grey, blending the finest China green tea, natural citrus peels and oil of bergamot pressed from real bergamot citrus fruits.

Earl Grey is famously popular for both inclusion in, and pairing with chocolate. Our Earl Grey Green with its light and distinct citrus profile retains all of the fragrant elements that are anticipated when pairing chocolate and earl grey, whilst the addition of herbaceous green tea leaves enhances and perfectly balances the unique floral notes of rose and violet. This blend is also higher in antioxidants and lower in caffeine than its black tea alternatives.

This tea can be served with a slice of lemon to taste.

Lapsang Souchong is rumoured to be the ''first'' black tea. The process to create this unmistakeable, smoky tea originated in the Wuji mountains in South-Eastern China where it is said that local producers dried tea leaves over fires created from local pines in order to satisfy demand for the leaves.

Tea Palace Lapsang Souchong is an intense, smoky and loosely curled black tea produced using modern updates to traditional methods. Considering its strong and distinctive flavour, this tea is surprisingly versatile and although often paired with savouries, it is a somewhat unsung hero when paired with sweet foods. When combined with salted caramel this tea provides a diverse and luxuriant blend of flavours reminiscent of both fine whiskey and also lazy summer barbeques.

This tea can be served with milk and sweetener and even lemon to taste.

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