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Tea Sample

Tea Palace was founded in 2005 and continues to grow from strength to strength. As a nation of tea drinkers most of us know very little about where our tea comes and the different types of tea that are available to us. Our goal is to pioneer a world of the highest quality teas and infusions while helping our customers understand the origins, health benefits and flavours behind our finest selection of loose leaf teas.

Our small size caddy is the perfect way to try a new tea or infusion. Contains tea for approximately 10 - 12 cups for black teas and most green teas, and 6 - 8 cups for more bulky teas and infusions, depending on the size of the leaf.

 Our range of over 100 teas and Infusions include:

Rose Pouchong
Covent Garden
White Peony with Pink Rosebuds
Pure Organic Spearmint
Pure Organic Peppermint
Organic Chamomile Flowers
Organic Turmeric & Ginger
Organic Chamomile and Lavender
Organic Sweet Dreams
Organic Rooibos
White Peony with Peach
Pure Organic Turmeric
Organic Gobo Cha
White Peony with Mint
White Peony with Oolong
Lemon Shimmer
Superior Darjeeling Second Flush Singbulli
Organic Chamomile Calm
Palace Earl Grey
Palace Breakfast
Summer Berry Tea
Irish Breakfast
Builder's Brew
Organic Lavender
Organic Lemon and Ginger
Organic Detox
Afternoon at the Palace
White Monkey
Pure Organic Lemon Myrtle
Jasmine White Monkey
Spiced Pear
Chelsea Rose
Orange Grove
White Peony
Organic Immune Boost
Earl Grey Green
Jewelled Apple
Oriental Berry
Vital Apple
Lapsang Souchong
Earl Grey Blue Flowers
Russian Caravan
Spearmint Green
Blood Orange
Angel Peach
Wild Berries
Jasmine with Flowers
Organic Chinese Gunpowder
Blue Sky
Organic Earl Grey
Organic Earl Grey St Clements
Winter Apple
Apricot Dream
Strawberry and Raspberry
Organic Lemon Rooibos
Mountain Garden Blend
Palace Easter Blend
Iron Goddess of Mercy
Queen of Berries
Keemun Mao Feng
Vanilla Toffee Treat
Smoky Earl Grey
Royal Star
Strawberries & Cream
Organic Ceylon Imperial
Organic Assam Superior
Organic Keemun
Organic Palace Breakfast
Organic Royal London Blend
Organic Yunnan Imperial
Organic Afternoon at the Palace
Notting Hill
Organic Lavender Grey - Winner of 2016 BOOM Award!
Assam Superior
Earl Grey Excelsior
Royal London Blend
Mulled Spice
Organic Rose Grey
Darjeeling Second Flush Risheehat
Green Mao Feng
Japanese Sencha Fukuyu
Jasmine Silver Needles
Jasmine & Mint
Finest Darjeeling Second Flush
Organic Darjeeling Second Flush Puttabong
Pu-Erh Imperial
Lung Ching Dragonwell
Organic Matcha Taishan
Organic Abruzzo Olive Leaf
Assam Halmari GTGFOP1
Gyokuro Asahi
First Flush Darjeeling Rohini 2017
Organic Rose Oolong - Winner of 2017 BOOM Award!
Organic Oolong Da Hong Pao

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